A Beginner's Guide to Fandom: A Fangirl's Perspective

While there are a lot of high-quality, prolific authors in the Supernatural fandom, these are the ones which I recommend without hesitation. Not only are their stories entertaining, they’re thought-provoking as well. If you enjoy these authors’ styles, I recommend reading everything on their blogs, as the rest of their posts are just as funny or smart as their stories.

Kroki-Refur: This girl is incredible. She’s a British Ph.D student currently studying in New Zealand, and she has a fantastic sense of humor. She speaks multiple languages (including Latin) and knows a fair amount about medieval history, culture and literature- all of which are highly relevant to Supernatural. Her fanfiction is some of the more sophisticated I’ve seen in fandom. She’s not afraid of using experimental literary techniques (including fractured narratives, outside points of view and unreliable narrators), but it’s not so complicated that her stories can’t be understood easily. She will also write the occasional funny story, so she doesn’t take herself too seriously. All her stories are appropriate for teenagers and up to read (excluding the three or so she’s locked down on her Web site), and she notes the length, level of seriousness and spoiler level at the top of the story. (If the story mentions material from specific episodes, she writes the episode number at the top of the page so those who haven’t seen the episode yet won’t see any material ahead of time if they’re trying to avoid it.)

Strangeandcharm: Another British fangirl, this author has a bit of a darker element to most of her writing. It’s not far from the tone of the show however; Supernatural tends to be on the depressing side, with moments of humor peeking through. Her stories are well written and clever, and she is particularly good with characterization- their ‘voice’ in the story is very strong. At least half of her stories include sexual content ranging from minor to explicit, but she puts a warning label on it, so it’s not possible to read a story with sexual content by accident. If that makes you uncomfortable, I still recommend her other stories, as they are of a high quality and can still be enjoyable. (Note: she has an adult warning you must click through in order to access her Web site, but doing so only takes you to the index, not to any adult content directly.)

Kimonkey7: This American author is markedly different from the first two in the types of stories she writes. Kroki-Refur’s stories are often driven by character introspection, and Strangeandcharm often writes long pieces centered on plot (and a fair amount introspection as well). This author, however, is much more focused on the relationships between characters as they affect the unit, not just how one character sees it. She is more likely to write a story about the brothers interacting with each other and other characters (such as their seldom-seen father) than she is to write a piece entirely within a character’s head.Also, she has a large number of stories set in the time before the TV series began, when the brothers were children and teenagers. These have the benefit of exploring how the on-screen brotherly relationship developed over time as well how their dynamic changes when interacting with their father, a character with only a few physical appearances on the show yet makes his presence profoundly known in the brothers’ psyche.

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