A Beginner's Guide to Fandom: A Fangirl's Perspective

If you’re interested in the TV show “Supernatural,” there are a few people every fan should pay attention to. Here are some recommendations for high-quality fan work.

Episode Reviews

  • Bardicvoice: This woman gives the most insightful and thorough analysis of each episode I’ve ever seen in a TV show. Period. She approaches the characters from emotional, psychological and literary standpoints, and she ties the actions of each character not only to the plot of the episode but to the overall storyline. She also comments on the stylistic and production choices of the director and crew members involved.
  • Television Without Pity: These reviews, written by a man known as Demian, are as funny as Bardicvoice’s are serious. The site he writes for is known for its sarcastic brand of humor, and he doesn’t disappoint. He writes with the help of his companion, an imaginary gay dragon he has conversations with about the show. I know it sounds crazy, but he always makes me laugh even when I don’t agree with his opinions.
  • Alice Jester, Seasons One, Two, Three and Four: As with the other two, her love of the show shines in her attention to detail. She has a unique perspective because she works in the press and has interviewed the show’s creator and writers multiple times. Often I’ve found her professional experience in the TV industry helpful in understanding the show’s creative direction.

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